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I used to be familiar with the King Sisha brand although I have not seen one in a few years now as mine was lost during a move. Basically, the better models made by KS did have solid brass cores but I have no idea if that is still the case. Given that so much of what Egypt produces is not imported to the states it seems certain well built brass cored rigs are far more common then it would seem looking at what we can get. Beyond that, I'd say it's obvious that unless you've seen the rig personally (and know what to look for) you can't be assured that any Egyptian is fully brass cored although several KMs have significant brass components. If you want a brass cored rig you're far better off going with a well built Syrian like J & R carry. I should say however that a well built stainless rig can work just as well and if taken care of last many years. In the end I prefer Syrians.
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