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I was wondering how the FDA plans on regulating/certifying tobacco processing plants in places like occupied Rhodesia and South Africa since the local government bureaucrats don't exactly welcome foreign dictates and are unlikely to be able to meet new regulations if they wanted to. Honestly doing that sort of thing is not easy in places like Iran or Tunisia that are actively courting foreign investors and export sales.

As to big American tobacco companies I can't see why they would want to ban flavoured cigarettes or since they are not that big of a market and they could take it over easily if they wanted to. It also seems that wouldn't want to give the FDA carte blanche to regulate how they conduct business. My guess is that since the big American tobacco companies make snuff, machine made cigars/cigarrillos, snus & chew they will also get into shisha tobacco if they think the market is big enough. Instead, it seems that big tobacco isn't interested in narghile stuff since they don't view it as having enough market share to worry about just as I don't think they ever felt threatened by cloves cigarette makers.
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