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Default terrible smoking sessions

Hey guys, today I just got my 500g of nakhla and al-fahker because I've heard good things about them... and it was just terrible. I own a MYA QT hookah and this is a reoccurring problem. I don't know what I am doing wrong. My general set up is usually the same. I take the hookah, put water in it to the appropriate levels, sometimes ice as well. I take the bowl, sprinkle tobacco in it. I've tried packing it full, putting a little bit, sprinkling, putting it below the rim, putting it above the rim, putting lots, putting little, whatever. I've tried lots of small holes, several decent sized holes, not very many small holes, w/e. I've tried one coal, two coals, one coal on the edge, two coals on the edge, with both golden and ******* quicklight coals. Either way, my result is the same. Low flavor, highly smokey but not necessarily harsh (I can suck it down easily enough without coughing, it just tastes like coal with a hint of strawberry). I can get big smoke, little smoke, w/e. But it doesn't taste like anything. What on EARTH am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks in advance.
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