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Default Re: terrible smoking sessions

Originally Posted by Genie View Post
You didn't mention what kind of foil you are using. That might have something to do with it. Maybe try switching foils. Going to heavy duty if you're using thin, cheap stuff--or the other way around. Or using an extra piece or one less piece. Using a big enough piece to wrap the top of the bowl well so that you aren't getting air in from the sides?

For me, different shishas do better with different foil. And there are various techniques to wrapping it. Different things you can do with the foil.

Also, how are you storing your shisha? If you're putting it in the fridge, leaving it somewhere that is too hot, or not putting it an air tight container, you could be ruining it.
I'm using wal-mart brand foil, I think heavy duty, not sure. Should I use two pieces? I'll give it a try tonight. Thanks for the advice.
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