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Hey Glos, I know that sort of bowl but personally I don't care for them but obviously they work well for a lot of people.

tic-tac, yes that is the stuff. I even have some of that brand around and it's good stuff. get rid of the stems since they don't burn well, have too much nicotine and make the smoke harsh. When tearing up the tombac try to shred it so it looks like moassel style cuts because you want most of the pieces to be about as big a thumb nail and the bigger bits get layered accross the top to keep ashing under control. Just follow my method I talk about early on and you should have no trouble. I am smoking some blended tombac I picked up in Turkmenistan a while back and loving it.

Remember to very conservative how you draw since this stuff isn't fantasia and wait a good bit between drags.
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