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[QUOTE=Genie;190331]Good luck! I'll give you another tip. With some shishas, like AF, the more I get the coals up off the shisha the better. I learned to use two layers of HD foil and wrinkle them up good before wrapping the bowl (stole the idea from someone else). It won't droop, and it creates little hills for the coals to sit on. and you don't have to fuss as much with the whole tight as a drum thing. You still need to wrap the bowl well so air isn't coming in from the sides. Pull it tight enough that it's not drooping, but not so tight that you've smoothed out your wrinkles. To do it I lay one piece of foil on the other, crush them together from one direction, straighten it out a bit, then crush it together from the other direction. Then lay them on the bowl (shiny side down, as always) and wrap. Poke holes as usual and go for it.[/QUOTE

This is one of the better tips I've tried in a long time.
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