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Originally Posted by mwrecording View Post
Coincidently, I tried Blue Mist for the first time today too. Not a bad flavor, not a great flavor. I didn't taste any 'blue' and it was mostly mint...but a soothing, cool mint. I'd probably give it a 6 or 7 out of 10.

Also, having only smoked SB Honeyberry as my other SB flavor - I couldn't help but get a 'starbuzz' taste from it...does the SB brand just have a distinct taste? crazy.
each brand has its undertones due to the tobacco/how it is processed (washed/unwashed)

af and sb have more of a chemically/fake undertone where and nakhla and tangiers have much more of a tobacco undertone because, IIRC from hajo, washing it not only takes out the nicotine but also pulls out a lot of the oils/essences of the tobacco so you lose the tobacco taste

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