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Default Re: brands of shisha

Originally Posted by sammniamii
Everybody will have a difference choice. Some enjoy certain brands for flavors, others for the ease of smoking, ect. Plus, many enjoy different flavors in different brands: Al Waha Vanilla is my number 1 vanilla, while SB & Pharaho's make the Best Peach IMO.

I enjoy: Al Fakher, Al Waha, Nakhla, Sahara, Layalina and Starbuzz.
I dislike: Hookah-Hookah (too short), Tangiers (too strong) and Soex (*shutter*).
I just read this and laughed at the shuddering of soex. eeeyah. no kidding. it's like dried toothpicks. the mint is decent but I've had their peach and it's somewhere in a chicago dump along with al waha banana.

honestly, I haven't tried too many brands of shisha. I like to use usually 2 coals to get a lot of smoke no matter what. For me, flavor comes first. You can always add another coal to get more smoke (as long as you can manage your heat well.)
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