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Hajo Flettner
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I've never had good sessions with a multi-hose rig and since you can simply get hose tips by the gross for almost nothing what is wrong with passing a hose? While I have a KM and love it my Syrians from and are without a doubt the best narghiles you can buy new. You can read my review I have here or ask me about any rig i've got if you want.

I strongly recommend that you don't buy a Mya or any other Chinese made product. Partly it is because you really shouldn't use your money to support communism and slavery but also because they make crap products. I've had a lot of experience with them and I know plenty that agree. A KM, MZ or Al Ashrey are all great Egyptian products so if those appeal to you more then Syrians you'll still get something great that will last you many years.
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