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Default Re: Being Married Sucks

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
i just got chewed out myself, first the 3 year old boy decides he can pee wo any assistance, well, i decided. apparently, most of it is on the floor, so he is still getting chewed out. no me on the other hand, and i need to try to say this with some tact and respect, here goes, i wasn't feeling well yesterday and when i used the facility i guess there was a mess, so this morning wife was cleaning it all up. i don't pay attention but i'm having the same problems today and so, i redo the artwork she cleaned up, and i just got my butt chewed out, but seriously what am i supposed to do? go to a gas station? lol, so me and my boy or on her shit list today. she'll get over it, september includes her birthday and anniversary.
And you are Arab and you pee standing up? I thought all Arabs sat down for those duties. Well that's what my hubby told me.I think I am very lucky, to have the best husband in the world who sit's and pees like a girl.Lol!
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