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Default Re: shisha flavors that are legit?

Nakhla Earl Grey was spot on for me, I was amazed. Taste exceeded my expectations. Hydro Herbal's Sweet Rose amazed me too because that's exactly what it tastes like. AF Golden Rose is pretty legit. So is AF Cardamom--but as it turns out, it tasted too much like the spice and didn't have enough sweetness for me--really nice blended with something else though. Saalaam Spiced Chai tastes exactly like chai tea--and I hate chai tea. Spot on, but disgusting.

Have tried about, oh, 25 or 30 flavors now--so I have a long way to go. Can't say that any have been spot on to my tastes besides the above mentioned.

OH! And Hydro Herbal Java. It tasted exactly like coffee with cream and sugar. I hated it. I hate coffee with cream and sugar!
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