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Default Re: Single coil burner

Originally Posted by Genie View Post
I don't see what the difference between using an electric coil and an electric stove would be. If anything, I'd think lighting on an electric stove would be a lot easier than having to mess with having a coil sitting out on your counter all the time like I do. The electric coils are pretty cheap.
i am not sure but i would bet the OP is using a flat top with a pan to get them going

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Hey man are you saying you didnt use a votage transformer?

All this time i thought u did and it blew up, its worth a shot then if you didnt, but those converters are a lot as well
some devices claim to be able to switch between voltages, or take either, maybe his claimed it or he forgot. i know a lot of newer chargers are going that way and the apple chargers have been doing it for about 10 years IIRC, just makes a more expensive device but then you only need the prong to prong converter and not the whole transformer that has your charger sticking 6-8 inches out from the wall lol

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