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Default bringing people together ?

so i started college last week at the University of Idaho in Moscow Idaho. got here.. didnt know anyone.. all i knew was that i was in the potato kingdom and i didnt know anybody. so i decided to chill one night so outside my dorm building about 25 feet from the building where its legal.. i started smoking a bowl of Hookah Hookah watermelon..little by little people started walking by and noticed the rainclouds hovering over my hookah.. before long there were 10 to 15 people standing around me talking and smoking hookah.. almost all of them from my dorm in general.. for the past week and a half every night i share my hookah sessions with anywhere from 8 to 15 people and i have gotten countless numbers and party invites after and during sessions..most of the time when i walk outside hookah in hand im greeted by cheers and a small crowd of people ready to chip in for more sheesh and another chill session.. hookah has officially turned this catipillar into a social butterfly.

a crowd favorite is my custom mixed "Butter Beer" which is like 60% HH Butterscotch and 40% HH Rootbeer.. after bringing that one out i now have the nickname Master Sheesh.. which im not sure is all that awesome but i cant seem to shake the name... im not bragging i promise you, i just thought you guys might want to hear another story of hookah bringing people together..

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