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Default Re: New to Hookahs... FAIL after FAIL...need adive...

I always have to use three coals to get it going, then take one off.

What kind of foil are you using, that might be an issue. I get pretty good smoke from three layers of dollar store (nearly tissue paper thin) foil Depending on what I'm using I might use one or even two layers of HD foil.

With AF, I like the cheap cheap foil, three layers.

Are you cutting a big enough piece of foil to wrap your bowl down at least half way if not all the way to the neck? If too much air is getting in from under the foil, you may not be getting enough heat to bake your shisha.

A wind cover is very helpful, what you may need though is merely to shield your bowl. I make a sort of column out of HD foil that stands up about 12 inches so that there's a three to four inch shield of foil around my bowl to protect it from air circualtion, we seem to have very good air circulation in the house so I have to shield it.

How are you storing your shisha? Not in the fridge, I hope?

Also, if you are using too much ice in your vase you're going to kill the flavor. Tepid to cool water works best for me.

Where did you buy your shisha? Make sure you didn't get some counterfeit stuff.

Also, are you making sure your coals are fully lit before putting them on the bowl?

Are you using a thin, crappy hose? Forgot what hose you are using, if you said. A hose that is too narrow will restrict smoke and, thus, flavor.

With AF, after packing I always fluff it good with a toothpick to ensure plenty of air pockets and poke a few holes through the shisha down to the bottom to insure heat gets all the way through.
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