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Default Re: Single coil burner

Originally Posted by Tunisiano View Post
i saw these in a store here (Argos) as well, and it would be a lot cheaper (13.50 - link below) ... would these be enough to light up natural coal like coconaras? how long would they take to light up?>#tabrev
ya you might want to get some mesh or something to get the coals over the flame better or rig up some thing like that. make sure you do not get anything galvanized to do this with, and if for what ever reason you accidentally do and insist on using it make sure to go outside and heat it up very hot to get the zinc to burn off (i would personally take it up to glowing red and hold it for a min there if i had to use it but would probably figure out a different method all together to avoid using galvy), if you end up with aluminum mesh be careful that it does not get so hot as to melt the AL since it has a very low melting temp (1200*f about)

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