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Hey I'm Steve, just signed up here. Been a big fan of Sam's youtube videos and i've been smoking hookah for about 2 years. I don't own a hookah but have many friends that do and i smoke with them pretty often. Im saving up some cash and i hope to get my own soon. My dilemma is i have very few "good" times smoking hookah. We usually smoke from a 4 hose 22 inch hookah. No idea of the brand or style. 100% of the time the smoke becomes very bad tasting. We have not found a good enough solution so we make due. We use starlight quick start coals.

Im looking for a good list of what i need to do to have a great hookah experience when i buy mine. I don't wanna screw anything up from the first day i set it up for a smoke. There are always learning experiences, but i wanna host hookah sessions better than my friend currently does. Too many of my friends smoke to think their cool, i smoke for a pleasurable time and a good taste, like most of you guys.

Any tips or guides will help! Thanks.
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