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Default Re: Buzz from Shisha

First I should point out that shisha is an Egyptian term for the sort of water water pipe we all smoke. The stuff we all most commonly put into it is called moassel (it's spelled differently depending upon where you go).

How you smoke has far more to do with getting a buzz then does what you smoke. I could get buzzed if I inhaled some insipid washed moassel like SB or Fantasia although it make take a few minutes. If you smoke unwashed stuff and inhale you'll be buzzed much more quickly and intensely.

The strongest moassels around are: Shooting Star, Khansar (both the Syrian and Iranian brands), Desi Merli, Tangiers & Nakhla.

Personally I'd like an intense buzz and when I smoke I smoke for taste so I don't inhale. Rather, I treat moassel the same way I smoke a good cigar meaning with careful, shallow and spaced draws. Also always take out the stems since they impart a harshness to the smoke and they contain much more nicotine then does the leaf.
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