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Default Re: is the narbish a sturdy hose?

It's built using hot glue like the Razan/Nammor so you may have an issue with it coming loose like some have had. Heat loosens it so it is not advised to wash it with hot water. Also, hot glue doesn't stand up well in flexible joints so the likely places for it to come undone are at the gasket for the acrylic tips and at the transition joint from the handles to hose. That transition is made up of pleather-like strips wrapped around the hose to form the bulk so it's not a solid piece.

Like TGF said, the glue issue is easily fixed by using a stronger glue. I recommend using a slightly flexible waterproof adhesive, ie Loctite Stik N' Seal, Repair Extreme, or Vinyl & Plastic Repair.

Originally Posted by Trevinator View Post
According to his review it sounds as though it's much more tolerant to abuse then his Razan in the description about running very hot water in it for 5 minutes.
I think that was due to the construction/material differences between the Razan and Narbish because the glue is pretty much the same.
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