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Default Re: The Stupidest Comments yet on Narghiles

Originally Posted by paulk View Post
Its this kind of reasoning that makes me angry. I guy I used to know just came back from Iraq a few months back. Him and his sister and brother in law came over. His sister and brother in law joined in having a smoke but when he was offered all he said was "I don't use Hadji apparatus." Needless to say that was the end of the friendship.

I just can't stand people like that.
I know what you mean in that I can't put up with people like that for long. What is worse is that a certain popular vendor that doesn't post here is always going about how much he hates "Hajis" and less flattering terms and for the part it seems that people don't generally have a problem with him. Anyway it funny that anyone sees narghiles as strictly Middle Eastern since the device (or something pretty similar) seemed to have come from China or the Indian sub-continent originally and they are just as common among Turkic peoples and the Indian sub-continent as they are among Arabs and they are relatively common in the Balkans as well.
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