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Default Re: Buzz from Shisha

Originally Posted by Durable_D View Post
Thx for the input all. I will try some techniques and already have some Nakhla on order whenever my first Hookah gets here next week. I am really interested in Shooting Star. Its been getting some pretty awesome reviews from my research.
It is awesome to the extent that it as good as any brand in the world that i've tried although Khansar, Contentment, al-Buturī, both of the Khansar brands, Samsun Maden-Canek Halva or Fuzūlī are all mind blowing good but different. The problem is that brands like Shooting Star are made by small, family owned businesses that sell stuff within about a 10KM range of where they live and they tend to sell out fast which makes it a real bitch to get your hands on it. Think of trying to lay your hands on a 20 year old bottle of Thomas Hardy or a rum aged 30 years in a barrel and you'll get the idea.

In terms of anything easy to get in the states i'd say that DM is your best bet. The spice flavours are simply brilliant and the price is right!
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