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Originally Posted by ZenSilk
i don't think Caravanasarai sells Brass Egyptians... I can't see one.

brass Egyptians... i don't think that's entirely possible over here. They MAY have brass cores, but some vendors might just tell you that. in all honesty.... i don;t know why you would want an Egyptian when you can get a better quality Syrian that is FULL BRASS, not just brass cored.

Hajo mentioned that one site (i don't remeber the name at the moment, it started with an "f"), and he called and asked, and the owner said his Egyptians were of Brass Construction. You would have to order online from across the pond if you live in the US though. Shipping may be high.

Brass Egytpians are just extinct on the US market. I'm sure there is a couple, but they are most likely sitting in some head-shop somewhere getting ignored.

Searching for one on the internet, other than at the site Hajo mentioned, is a lost cause.

This is the exact reason i would prefer a hand-made Syrian over an Egyptian (better construction, more durable, all brass).

"Stainless" steel isn;t stainless anyway, so why play Roulette everytime you are buying an Egyptian when you can rest assured your getting a quality pipe with a Syrian.
Hiya ZS,

I think that vendor you mean is Furat al Muktar of and while his stuff is all brass it's all made in Syria with Syrian head configs.

The good news about Caravan is that the owner is a nice guy with good service. I've bought carbo-filters and coals from him with no problems. The bad news is that is narghiles are not well built. I've owned two rigs from him both had a brass core that was literally a 1mm thick and the welds broke between the outer stem surface and the core in under a year. The ones in the picture have brass finishes (not solid brass cores or outer stems) so given the prices I don't know if it will last too well. The ones I had also had hose ports with leaking welds which wasn't too big a deal and a few other problems.

Basically I don't know of anyplace in this country to buy solid brass based Egyptians and i've looked a lot. If you want heavy duty brass construction get a good Syrian. If you want an Egyptian get an El Ashrey, MZ or KM.

Don't spend more on ebay then you mind wasting.
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