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Default what you guys do with the dry shishas?

hey guys. hows smoking working out for ya'lls

i have 3 starbuzz dry shishas sitting around in my room.

i put them in zip lock bottles but somehow all of them lost moistures and went dry...

they are not completly dry but dry enough that i don't get enough smokes or tastes (very harsh !!)

I will be using ziplock backs next time for sure...

but because they are starbuzz i kinda feel guilty to throw them away...

They were big money you know :/

hookah-shisha assistance advised me to put glycerine in to moisutrize them

but i wonder if that will bring back the taste as well.

I wonder what you guys have done and how it went for you guys...

spare me wisdom!

P.S. O ya, is there any menthol taste shisha? recommandable? like the freshness in throat.

Has anyone tried SB winter fresh?
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