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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
The good news about Caravan is that the owner is a nice guy with good service. I've bought carbo-filters and coals from him with no problems. The bad news is that is narghiles are not well built. I've owned two rigs from him both had a brass core that was literally a 1mm thick and the welds broke between the outer stem surface and the core in under a year. The ones in the picture have brass finishes (not solid brass cores or outer stems) so given the prices I don't know if it will last too well. The ones I had also had hose ports with leaking welds which wasn't too big a deal and a few other problems.

Basically I don't know of anyplace in this country to buy solid brass based Egyptians and i've looked a lot. If you want heavy duty brass construction get a good Syrian. If you want an Egyptian get an El Ashrey, MZ or KM.

Don't spend more on ebay then you mind wasting.
I've got to ask, where on God's earth do you smoke? On a battlefield (joke)? Seems like every hookah thats not a Syrian breaks under your ownership. I find this weird. Like I said, I personally own a well built and good smoking egyptian from Caravan Imports and it has definetly stood up to abuse. I smoke outdoors on a daily basis. The potential for harm is much greater when you're constantly moving your stuff around and setting up in different places. Also, my friends have had their Caravan hookahs for over a year, and they're still smoking fine no problems.

To say that Caravan's hookahs are poorly made and weak is just completely false. I personally know of three different ones (including my own) which have lasted well over a year with plenty of abuse and still smoke just as good as they did on day one.
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