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I smoke on my rear porch when I use stuff I own. I've been into narghile stuff for a while now and i've owned a lot of rigs (something like 50 not including stuff from the cafe) . If you don't think i'm honest or don't care for what I have to say that is fine but in the end when someone asks for info/views about stuff here i'll respond to the best my ability and end my opinions/experiences are not something that I claim will be the same for everyone else.

My KM, Iranian and Turkish rigs are great so I like stuff that is not Syrian although that is my first choice. I used to have stuff made by Shisha King and El Ashrey and both of those rigs were great examples of what Egypt can build.

If you have good luck with caravan rigs that is great and perhaps in the last couple of years they have improved the build quality over what I have gotten from them. If that is the case that is good news and on a personal level I like Ali.

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