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Originally Posted by samosa View Post
i'm using the self lighting coals, how big do the holes need to be? (im currently using a needle.)

the foil i'm using is Bacofoil, which is non stick foil.
STOP, DO NOT USE THAT FOIL AGAIN non stick foil is usually coated, and teh coating will burn/fume off at the temperature of the coals, very very very bad

go get some Reynolds or other cheap foil and use 2 layers

i like to leave a good gap under the foil 1/8-3/16" probably.

i use a toothpick to poke holes and just do a patter out of habit of 16,12,8,1 (rings from out side to in). make sure your putting your coal to the out side of the bowl, putting it in the middle will burn your tobacco and cause harsh smoke fast.

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