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Default Desi Murli First Impressions

Short version: Holy shit.

Long version: So I got a big order of the stuff in from Kamal (thanks, you're the man!) for around $20 and I immediately set up a bowl of DM Coffee following Hajo's instructions. Luckily for me, I had already bought some honey and glycerin for just this purpose. Though it took me forever to find vegetable glycerin. I ended up going to the local organic store, and I'm still washing the smell of hippies and overpriced food out of my clothes.

So anyways, it takes a few minutes to get the stuff smoking (I used foil over a Vortex, I'm not daring enough to try it without foil...yet), and after about five minutes of consistent pulling, I suddenly realize that I not only have no inclination to get up off my couch, I couldn't stand even if I wanted to. The buzz hit me like a freight train and left me watching the Travel Channel for about an hour because I didn't even feel like leaning over to grab the remote.

I generally smoke nothing but Nakhla, but no Nakhla buzz has ever hit me as hard as DM. I ended up getting so relaxed that I just took a nap where I sat.

Oh, the coffee flavor was good, too.
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