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Default US News/Coals?

I was reading our new US News that came recently. There is a new Article just about hookahs. It mentioned the very cliche "100 cigarettes" metaphor, of course, but also the Carbon Monoxide production. The article i am going to post is not the new one, but is relatively new. Only in this article, they say, in a very offhand remark "Hookahs, which are similar to the *Bleep* used to smoke "edit your post or you will be banned, we do not talk about smoking anything but shisha in a hookah", have grown in popularity in recent years." Was that really necessary? It almost sounds like an attack, doesn't it?

Anyway... Back to Carbon Monoxide. I have never really thought about this aspect, but it is very true. You inhale a huge amount of Carbon Monoxide each session, and that in no way can be OK for your brain. It's like getting Carbon Monoxide every single time you have a session.

This is just from the coals themselves, not from any other part of the hookah.

They need to find a way to make a clean burning coal, or at least much cleaner. That would greatly diminish the most hazardous consequence involved in hookah smoking.

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