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Default Re: Cheap double hose mya hookah

Originally Posted by luqyno1 View Post
Well recently my double hose hookah has given way and im in the process of getting hold of a mya 2 hose hookah, preferably 22" and up. now im at a budget of $200 - $210 so cant spend much, and i also want to order some nakhla mizo watermelon since watching patelbadboy2006's review on it, and i also wanna try some lucid, tangiers orange soda, and get hold of a nammoor, since i broke one of mine, and 200g of fantasia blueberry.

now the only vendor to satisfy all those needs at the closest price is **********, and hes my first choice anyway, but does anyone know anywhere else?

also, KM's are great but i have 2 and want a mya, so it does have to be a mya 2 hose hookah.

also hookah john, could you give anysort of a discount for all of that^^
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