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Default Re: Smoking in dorms

try to light the QL's outside the window (take down the screen or go outside) because they smell up the room and get into the sheets and it's miserable. I've used ahkla, starlights, threekings, and ******* QL's and believe me you'll have a heavy charcoal smell for your session and afterwards.

also, if anything goes wrong quickly put the hookah in a friends room (because campus police can check you're closets and stuff) take off any covers you've got on the smoke detector and.. floor towels must hide. finally throw a bag of popcorn in for 10 minutes (you won't have 10 but the longer the popcorn stays in the better)

then you have two options when campus police arrive.
A) if you haven't burnt the popcorn yet (est. 3 minutes or a minute after popping) tell them you were spraying febreeze near the detector and it suddenly went off. (true story)
B) if popcorn burnt.. great success. open the microwave as the cops knock on the door and say you fucked up popcorn.

you're room'll smell like popcorn.. however you'll keep your housing

hope this helps and hopefully you won't have a popcorn room.
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