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Default Equipment and Shisha

I have a 19" Hookah, single hose, normal sized bowl.
I have acess to very few brands of shisha and coals and am trying to get a little more variety. I understand this will probably bring about a debate, but I'd like to ask some fellow advocates their opinion, of course it'd be helpful to not leave me hunting blindly...

I have acess to:
Shisha- Starbuzz
(and a brand i can't pronounce, comes in a square tin...)
Coals- Japanese Silver Coals
Quick Lights (Unknown Brand)
Coal Logs/Fingers

So if you could be so kind as to provide, what your favorite smoke/coal is and perhaps a website/store i could get it from it'd be greatly appreciated.

(If I am posting in the wrong spot for this kinda of information I am terribly sorry... I'm kinda tired and didn't have the patience to browse the pages and pages of possible forum potentials.)
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