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Default Shisha is lacking flavor

I've been smoking from my friends 10 inch, 15 dollar hookah lately and we're a bit pissed off about our recent smoke and how it tastes. It always tastes gross. We just picked up some nahkla (sorry if i miss-spelled it) orange. From reviews i've watched/read this is supposed to be tasty stuff. We popped it open and i smelled like heaven. Good and moist, even for nahkla. Packed a bowl, correctly so the foil wasn't rubbing against the tobacco, cleaned up the hookah and lit up 2 starlight coconut natural coals. Set it up and let the coals sit for about 3 mins then began smoking. It was refreshing, for about 2 pulls, then the old burnt flavor rolled in, the catch is, the shisha, wasn't burning! We have no idea whats causing this. We have tried all 5 of his hoses (all generic that came with his 2 generic hookahs) and still, gross. This is sort of off putting to me.

I plan on purchasing myself a nice KM soon with a narbish hose. Is it the quality of the hookah/hose/bowl that fucking up the flavor? Or do me and my friend just suck as preparing hookah? Comments please!
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