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Default Re: is the narbish a sturdy hose?

I love my Nammor hoses and I'm glad I bought them. It's been a few months and no sign of anything going wrong. I wash it once in a while with warm water I have run hot water through it many times. Just don't do anything stupid like peel back the fabric balls looking for the seals and anything that could irreversibly damage it. When wet blot dry don't rub this doesn't create any fuzz. It looks like this is a very well made hose right now and I would be surprised if anything broke all of the sudden. I'm smoking several bowls a day through them and they are holding up fine. If the Narbish was out when I purchased these I probably would have got that because I by almost exclusivly from john when possible but it wasn't and I don't miss what I never had. John doesn't carry crap and researches and reviews the hell out of something before he sells it. These are probably isolated instances and I bet most of them have had no problems.
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