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Default Re: Desi Murli First Impressions

Originally Posted by merchantofmenac View Post
its funny...for me its the opposite...i get a buzz from the first bowl...but none from the 2nd , 3rd, etc....i guess its different for everyone....
Yea its the same for be but instead of it being bowl to bowl its more like the first 15 min of the session I'll buzz and then it fades and i can function like a normal human being.
Desi is outstanding, and well worth the minuscule effort to prepare it. It really doesn't take any longer than lighting your coals. I've also been messing around with mixing additional spices with DM to give it some variety(since I only ordered one packet to begin with) and its been wonderful. I did a clove/khus mix. Its a very distinct khus flavor(which seems stronger in contrast to the clove than when I smoke straight khus) and a bit of a clove taste that lingers on the palate. Its nice to have the traditional tobacco taste that DM has, in addition to the clove accents. Dropping another DM order with Kamal for probably 8+ packs

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