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Default Re: underage smoking

Underage smoking is a big no no. However, if a teen chooses to find the means do so (which they easily can), then there's pretty much no stopping them. Unless they get caught they will continue to do it. Underage smoking is one of those things that can't really be prevented or stopped 100%. Sure, we as a community can help slow it down, but the problem will still be here.

It's just like when you turn 21. By that time, the majority of people out there have already had a drink at least once in their life. Is it illegal, yes. Is it dangerous, in a way yes. Can anybody stop it 100%, no. The truth is, by the time a person is 21, he or she has most likely gotten drunk several times. And at that point when they turn 21, it doesn't really matter anymore because they've already been drinking for some time.

I don't approve of underage smoking or drinking. But to be honest, if I were to run into a teen doing either one, I'd simply give them some proper advice and tell them to be sensible. I'm not going to lecture them or rat them out, there'd be no point in that. There's no stopping it. I too was once a rebel teen, and I had plenty of underage drunk nights under my belt. I'm not proud of it in any way, but I know what it's like. It was irresponsible and risky (young and stupid). But it isn't all that bad though, because it made me into the person I am today. Back in my highschool days, I used to do drink every weekend. Now 5 years later I've pretty much quit all together. I only drink on holidays or anniversary's. And even then it's in moderation.

I guess it all depends on the person. Maturity comes in at different times. There's nothing we can do to change that. It's up to those teens parents out there to help them mature at the right time for them to make the proper choices.
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