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Originally Posted by merchantofmenac View Post
So does anyone actually know where in Syria to get it? I have a couple of Syrian buddies who travel back and forth. Problem is they've never heard of it. Anybody?
Well the fact is it's not easy to get in Syria. I have a home in Syria and go there on business several times a year. More often then not I can't get it when I go and I know people that work for the firm. When I have gotten it i've found it in Al Hamidiyah in Tartus although I think that it's packed and shipped from somewhere around Idlib. Thing is that it's made by a few families and the production is spread out so it's not like they have a factory someplace. I wrote about seeing how it's made so read that and you'll get an idea.

The stuff is made in very small batches and it sells fast. It never comes in modern packing but instead is wrapped in wax paper and once in blue moon you can get in a small wooden box. For the most part the people that buy it are long time customers and it doesn't really seem to show up in cafes much if at all.

If I can get a decent quantity of it I distribute half of it here but I don't get it very often.
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