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Default Re: underage smoking

Originally Posted by mikey
ya i agree with you both but hookah tabacco isnt as hign in nicotine as ciggs. or other things my lil brother whos 16 always smokes with me..i always ask him wh he says he likes it and i let him pack it hes pretty good. thats the only thing i dissagree with you on hajo he acctually does it because he likes it....
I guess that since nicotine nothing like the demon it is portrayed as I don't think that it is much of an issue in so far as under aged smoking is concerned. Certainly some youths do enjoy smoking (although I think that is rare) yet they enjoy a wide range of things that are harmful to varying extents without having any grasp of the art, joy and beauty of what they do. Like sex and fine ales tobacco is for adults and should be indulged in only with maturity and forethought.
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