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Default Re: underage smoking

Originally Posted by Lakemonster
another reason why underage smoking is a bad idea:

Until you are 18, or are emancipated, your parents or legal guardians are responsible for your health care. They are to make sure your medical needs are met. This gives them the right to manage health risks of the child....such as smoking.

And yet another reason not to smoke until you are an adult:

So I wont have to read another one of those "How do I come out of the closet about hookah to my parents?" threads.

Excellent point Lake. I wish I thought of it. When I was young I wasn't really interested in tobacco at all although my father was a pipe smoker I never thought about it until I was in my late teens. Although I tried cigarettes as a young adult I never liked them because they burned hot (as a result of the short filler) and tasted like crap. I never even heard of narghiles until I went to Syria on business but by that time I was long time pipe and cigar smoker.
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