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Default Re: underage smoking

I got into cigars early, at about 16, but it was an occasional thing. A shop sold to under-age, with a premium of course, unless you knew the guy.

I never got into cigs, i have always thought they were just terrible. Most people here get into smoking at under-age, and thrive when they turn 18 and either end up smoking nothing, smoking hookah, or smoking "other stuff".

I was allowed a hookah at age 17, it was accepted in my household. I have no eastern culture in my family, it was just OK. i only know a couple other people who are allowed that, they are all girls, only they were more into drinking. i have just kept with the hookah, and everyone who hears that i hookah sees it as sophisticated.

I think that is one reason for under-age smoking. They want to grow up so fast, and be so cool.
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