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its the shitty shitty shitty glass that comes out of egypt, honestly if i made a piece of glass like they sell every day i doubt i would even give it away.

ever issue you can come across is furnace glass blowing you see in many of the vases we get. seedy glass (lots of air bubbles), uneven glass, cordy (lines in the glass due to uneven chemical make up of the glass), stress cracks, poorly annealed glass (glass must be cooled from 1000*f to room temp over 12 hours to relieve stress)

what happens is with the crappy glass that comes out of egypt is that all of the above issues makes weak spots which with very little stress (thermal, of striking) will cause it to break (ive seen pieces that got tapped with another piece of glass and huge cracks ran through it, and it was probably just pulled out of the annealer to hot)

now good glass should be able to take a good amount of thermal and physical shock but with the egyptian crap you have to be overly careful with it.

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