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Default Re: Chinese electric charcoal thing update

Originally Posted by Tunisiano View Post
on the positive note, if someone does trip the wire you wouldn't really have to worry about coal marks and stains on the carpet
true - spilled burning coal makes quite a mess. If the hot ceramic hit the floor though I would think a cheaper carpet would have a melt spot in it pretty quick. Probably not that deep, as the exposed surface of the ceramic allegedly gets to about 100 degrees C as compared to combusting coal at 550 - 700 degrees C.

(As I understand it, the air passes through the far-hotter centre of the device so it isn't just the bottom surface heating the air that passes through it)

For those accustomed to imperial, not celsius, 100 degrees C is the temp of boiling water. Imagine a *** of boiling water dumped on your rug - then ignore the afterdamage from the water soaking into the fibres. Temperature-wise, if one did drop the thing on a floor but was quick with the tongs to retrieve it, I would *assume* the damage would be less than coals from a tipped hookah (and yep, I've had friends trip on hoses and send my hookahs arse over teakettle from time to time)
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