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Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
I don't think that's enough because you take a glass of ice cold tea out into the backyard too.. or into the garage.
your also dealing with 2 totally different glasses, its literally like saying well metal will hold X weight, yet aluminum and steel are 2 totally different materials. slight changes in the chemical make up of the glass can change it dramatically just like alloying element is metals

Originally Posted by manntis View Post
I buy vases from Mya. Never had a problem that wasn't my fault *lol* Plus the leafing is gorgeous. A few of my female friends admire the aesthetics of the Myas I have and I find I don't have to explain what the hookas are *not* - which I find myself doing when I pull out my Kuwaiti (far more traditional looking) hookas. Go figure.
myas are machine made glass (IIRC) and as such are consistent and the glass used seems to be of a much higher quality and consistency

i am starting to feel that i might never buy another vase and just blow my own from now on... just need to let this damn glass in our furnace get straightened out since its kinda nasty right now

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