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Default How to Video Suggestions.

I am creating this thread in order to help spur the ongoing contest.

Please submit ideas on videos that should be created.

List so far:

HOW NOT TO setup a hookah (Etc)
How to do a how to
How to know your coals are good to start smoking.
How to avoid hookah sickness.
How to clean your purge valve/bb
How to get the most out of the smallest amount of tobacco and coal
How to convert a single hose hookah into a double hose hookah
How to get your bowls super clean!
How to heat your coals up faster.
How to blow rings
How to do smoke tricks
How to improvise a lost grommet or lost ball bearing
How to spice up your boring hookah
How to get big clouds off very little coal and tobacco
How to light natural coals without a torch or stove top
How to set up a hookah
How to pack a bowl
How to check for leaks
How to manage the coal
How to do different hole patterns
How to make an ice chamber for your hookah

just some ideas, throw out your own.

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