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The issue of Carbon Monoxide is a tough one because it varies dramatically with the coal used, how well it was started, how tall your stem is, how often and how deeply you inhale and a bunch of other stuff that is pretty complicated. The simple truth is that given the laughably bad and wildly biased stuff that basses for smoking research these days anything regarding tobacco use needs to be examined very carefully by someone that actually knows something about empirical methodology and the history of tobacco research. The 100 cigarettes in a bowl thing is hysterical crap that should be seen as much by anyone that thinks about the subject rationally for a few minutes but I could get into specifics if anyone want me to. The other truth is that very little research worth reading has been done regarding narghile use. Lastly, the mass media takes an exceedingly complicated subject which the writers/editors know nothing about and reduce it to sound clips to suit general prejudices, fads and the biases of the owners/editors so reading about health research in a popular magazine is pointless.

In the end if you are concerned about CO and carbon monoxide you should limit your sessions to no more then an hour a day, use only fully lit natural coals and don't inhale because your lungs don't have taste buds and can't appreciate texture anyway.
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