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Default Re: is the narbish a sturdy hose?

Originally Posted by chadtizzle View Post
so my fucking razan fell apart while smoking yesterday, (which is a great way to end a session by the way, i was pissed), and i've officially decided that i'm never buying a razan/nammor again.

i've been looking at the narbish for quite some time now. i found foibled's review on it (which is an awesome review btw: and it answered all the questions i had about it except one.

is this thing going to fall apart within 4 months like my razan did? is it going to last? i love the look of it, but i really don't wanna spend that much on something that will break within a year.

i have until friday to decide, so HP please share your experiences.

EDIT: shit, it's $28.99 now? ahhh noooo, i can't afford that. i thought it was $19.99 or $21.99 a few days ago!
I didn't know Razzan's could effing do that? Lol!
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