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Default Re: underage smoking

I won't be a hypocrite about this I stole smokes from my Mom and one of my friends stole them from his Uncle and Grandmom. I smoked cigs on occasion starting at 13 or 14. Smoked cigs everyday from 16-34. I was smoking 2 packs a day when I put them down 12/04/06. If they weren't available I'd probably have never started. I don't think underage people should smoke for the various reasons Hajo, Lake and Sam B listed.

BTW I started smoking hookah mid June 2007. I wanted a way to relax that didn't involve a 5 shot vodka drink (I also started drinking young too, but that's another story). So I don't mess with alcohol or cigs anymore. I smoke my hookah after dinner. It's my only vice now! LOL
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