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Default whats with the rose hate?

ok so i went by the local shop near me that sells some shisha, they were a bit low (they get a large order in then let it run down a lot) but the only thing that appealed at all was nakhla rose (well i also thought about the af arks sous or what ever its called but passed).

ya i get its one of those kinda acquired tastes but i dont get the "ewwwww soap" every one swears about. ya its not something im going to smoke daily but its sure not going to fall to the bottom of the stash, probably use it as a mixer too. i think part of some of the like/hate people have with flavors is what they are eating/drink with it and how full they are when smoking. i know personally i am going to start putting this in my reviews (or at least try to) and hope others do as well cause i think it does have some effect

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