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Default Re: Mint shisha

so far what i remember of AF mint was very good, the later batches were not as good though but still pretty decent. nakhla mint is more menthol which isnt bad but if you dont like unflavored shisha you wont like it probably cause the tobacco really comes through, mizo mint was not great to me, just has a bit of the af ketchup under tome, not bad but kinda there, idk if i got a bad box of it or something.

granted my view of mint is skewed cause i go through peppermint altoids like water and dont find them strong at all any more, honestly would probably chew one with out much reaction (hmmm im going to try that and see how strong it is to me later)

salloum mint was bad for me, maybe if you want a light mint it will be ok but for me, ewww

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