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Default Re: Smoke too thin?

it sounds like an air leak to me, two coals should be more than enough, you will get bigger clouds with three but two should be fine and considering its starbuzz you should get big clouds regardless of that its just the way it burns, If your getting thin smoke it could be a few things,

One, the water level is off, try adding more water.
two, one of the gaskets isn't air tight.
three, one of the joints on your hose is leaking.

The easiest way to check gaskets is to look at all the conections when blowing out the vase and see if smokes coming from places it shouldn't, this wont show if there is a problem from the bowl grommet but thats always pretty easy to tell if its not tight because your bowl won't stand straight up it will wobble.

As far as water level test diff fill heights, I actually fill mine about 2 inches over the bottom of the stem, I know alot of people say less but it smokes better with this height.
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