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Default Narghiles in Lithuania

Having been here for a while and really loving the culture and general way of life I was reminded of a recent disappointment when I traveled the city on my way out of the country for the weekend. I speak of the lack of quality narghile vendors and cafes. As some of you know I used to be a semi-regular vistor to a little cafe owned by a very kind family from Turkmenistan which had a great little garden out back where the small community of Turkmen immigrants in Vilniusused to hang out and smoke. Recently the family that used to own the place closed up shop and went back to the ancestral home. Seeing the old place empty was sorta depressing. Given that Lithuania is like all European nations in that it has large immigrant populations from various countries where narghiles are very popular I find it odd and somewhat depressing that the hobby hasn't really taken off here yet as far as I can tell.
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