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This is a no brainer for me. I voted for LARGE Hookah. The smoke is smoother, cooler, and taste better overall. These are some of the differences between a small hookah and a large. I've noticed that quality tall ones almost always taste and perfrom better than the small ones. I'm not saying you can't find a small hookah that will smoke good. Of course you can.

If you buy a quality small hookah, it will be able to smoke very similar to it's taller competitors. But you've got to choose the right one. Don't expect to pay $30 for a small hookah, and have the best hookah in the world. This just won't happen and you will be dissapointed. I personally would rather purchase a taller offering. They've always been good to me. And from what I've noticed, they almost always have something on top of the smaller rigs (perfomance wise).

A taller one is only a few bucks more. I'd rather spend an extra $30-$60 and get a tall hookah, than to save that small amount of money and be dissapointed by a small hookah in the end. Tall quality hookahs are not expensive. Many are within the same price range of the smaller offerings. Plus they also look way nicer! A lot of memebers around here have had great success with Kahlil Mamouns. I personally have never tried one, but many here say it's the best bang for the buck hookah you can buy. I think it's only $50 for a tall one.

Look around the review section for details and opinions on many tall hookah's performance. I think if you look through there, you'll find the answer you're looking for.
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